Reorganization in the form of transformation

The transformation (reorganization) of a legal entity includes changes in the legal form of the legal entity. In the process of reorganization, a legal entity suspends its activities with the transfer of all rights and obligations to a newly formed legal entity in a new organizational and legal form. Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that this form of reorganization is one of the types of termination, as well as the formation of a legal entity. Transformation of a legal entity is carried out by unanimous decision of its founders, or a legal entity authorized by constituent documents.

The service "Reorganization of a legal entity in the form of a conversion" includes:
  1. Preparation of documents for the reorganization of a legal entity;
  2. If necessary, publication in mass media;
  3. Implementation of notifications of creditors;
  4. Registration of changes in the tax inspection;
  5. Receipt of certified constituent documents and a certificate of state registration, taking into account all changes;
  6. Destruction of the stamps of the reorganized legal entity and working out of sketches of new ones.

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