Support in obtaining licenses and permits in Uzbekistan

A license is a special permit document required to carry out a certain type of activity; accordingly, licensing is a process of registration, extension or cancellation in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Present day, the licensing procedure is quite complicated and without the necessary knowledge and experience, you can stumble on some subtleties and nuances, which in the future will lead to incorrect licensing, respectively, sanctions by the tax authorities and inconvenience to the entrepreneur.

What activities are subject to licensing under the law? You can find out on the following link ABOUT INHERITANCE WHICH LICENSES ARE REQUIRED


How is the licensing process:

For a short period, you will need some documents necessary to start the licensing process:

  1. The application for a license is made out in the form;
  2. Copies of documents on compliance of the license applicant with licensing requirements;
  3. An additional package of documents;
  4. Payment of state fees and fees for consideration and obtaining a license.

Reasons for cooperation with us:

For its many years of experience, LegalAct has successfully obtained licenses for more than 100 enterprises, thanks to which we have extensive experience and the necessary knowledge to successfully license any type of activity in a short time. Our experts are ready to advise you and answer all your questions, talk about all the nuances of your licensed activities.


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